Petzl MYO E27PN
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Head Torch
P. Code : E27PN
Brand : Petzl
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Featuring dual light sources,Petzl Myo 3 Headlampsare suitable for users who need the advantages of both a bright.
Long range beam and efficient LED lighting.
The Petzl Myo 3 Headlamp is ideal for snowshoers and all outdoor sports enthusiasts.
Maximum range 100 m (Xenon halogen bulb).
15 m (3 LEDs).
Supplied with spare 6 V Xenon halogen bulb.
Operates with 4 AA alkaline batteries (included).
Inventor of the headlamp.
Petzl constantly innovates to propose "hands free lighting" concepts to people who practice outdoor sports and more.
Light bulb Type Halogen, LED, Xenon Water resistant for all-weather use.
Operates on 4 AA / LR6 batteries (included).
Weight : 240 g including batteries.

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